Midea Intelligent Lighting & Controls Technology Co., Ltd


Midea Intelligent Lighting & Controls Technology Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of Midea group, is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on R&D, production and sales of lighting and electrical products. Our main product includes LED lighting, smart door locks, switch socket ect. View More

Technical certification and core technology

Midea lighting gathers top talents in the industry. Through Industry-University-Research Collaboration, self-built R&D centers, enterprise technology centers, and relying on Midea Group’s global innovation center technical resources, we continually conduct product with R&D and innovative design, develop and manufacture a series of smart and healthy lighting, Smart home products.

Midea Lighting successively participated in the formulation of "GB/T 28219 General Technical Requirements for Smart Household Appliances", "GB/T 35722.1-2017 Household and Similar Intelligent Electric Automatic Controller Systems Part 1: General Requirements", and "GB/T 35722.2- 2017 Household and similar use intelligent electric automatic controller system special requirements for intelligent electric automatic controller system for induction cooker, "GB/T 36428-2018 Internet of Things Home Appliances Public Instruction Set", "GB/T 38626-2020 Information Security Technology Intelligence A number of national and industry technical standards such as "Guide to Password Protection of Networked Devices".View More

Technical certification and core technology

In order to meet consumers' intelligent life experience of digital innovation, understand the needs of different user groups, Midea Lighting combines big data, AI, and cloud service technologies to provide end-users safe, healthy, convenient, and personalized intelligent scene services.View More

We integrate intelligent interaction and intelligent control technologies such as wireless communication technology, voice control technology, lighting control technology, and edge computing technology into product design, and continue to provide customers with intelligent, safe, convenient, and beautiful lighting and intelligent front-mounted electrical solutions in order to satisfy customers' needs in various environment such as residential buildings, hotels, commercial complexes, schools, hospitals, and transportation venues.