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Product Categories


Warranty Period (Year)  Maintenance mode
Home productsTable lamp, wall lamp, chandelier, mirror lamp, kitchen lamp, ceiling lamp, light source module2Replacement/Renew
Business productsStreet lamp3Renew
Floodlights, projection lights, mining lights, led downlights, spotlights, LED panel lights2Renew
LED light band1Renew
Non led: downlight, bracket, empty bracket, empty lamp panel, LED lamp panel1Renew
Electrical productsIntelligent switch2Replacement
Row insert2Renew
Light source productsLED bulb, LED column bulb, led Bora bulb, led candle bulb, floor lamp, T8 LED tube, T8, T5 integration2Renew
T5 combined support1Renew
Smart door lockFull range3Replacement

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a.  The warranty period is calculated from products production date.

b.  Product defective rate which is less than or equal to 5% shall be regarded as routine maintenance and not quality problem, parties shall resolve it according to the above-mentioned Warranty Method.

c.  The product defective rate which is between 5% to 15% (including 15%) shall be regarded as a general quality problem. The Supplier provides 1:1 compensation for the Light Source Products, and for the Luminaire Products, the Supplier will provide accessories for repair and such repair cost will be borne by the Supplier. If the Luminaire Products cannot be repaired, 1:1 compensation will be provided. For the avoidance of doubt, all resolving costs which including but not limited to maintenance fees, accessories fees, warehousing logistics fees, etc. shall in no event be exceeded the total FOB price of the defective product of the same batch and the same model.

d.  The defective product rate which is more than 15% shall be regarded as a serious quality accident. The Supplier shall immediately dispatch relevant person to the place where the Buyer is located for investigation. The Supplier shall recall or scrap the Product locally or adopt other disposal methods agreed by both parties according to the actual situation.

e.  If any CKD or SKD parts are damaged by the Supplier, the Supplier will provide corresponding compensation for CKD or SKD materials replacement according to the actual quantity.

f.  The calculation method of product defective rate is: Product defective rate = Buyer’s cumulative 12-month repair volume/Supplier’s cumulative 12-month shipment during the same period.

The scope of non-guaranteed repair is as follows:

a.  The Supplier does not provide installation, on-site guidance and maintenance and other services on Light Source Products, Luminaire Products, and Smart Door Lock Products, and does not undertake warranty for the export products purchased from non-supplier through approved channels.

b.  Damage caused by improper installation and operation, such as wrong installation of input and output terminals, or failure to install beyond the product design standards and bad environment infrastructure as required by the instructions.

c.  The installation and bad environment infrastructure exceed the design requirements, such as voltage instability, overvoltage, overload and short circuit, etc..

d.  Irresistible factors, such as floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning strikes, etc..

e.  Due to the harsh storage environment and improper management, the Products are rusted, mildew, deformed and damaged, etc..

f.  Use non-original accessories, etc..

g.  Exceeding the warranty period, changing the product privately or altering the certificate, etc.

h.  The Products have been used resulting in defect on the appearance of the Products, but there is no product quality related defect.

i.  Frame and chassis are not guaranteed.

after-sale service hotline : 400-8899-315