Vision, Mission, Value:
Carried on traditional culture and embrace future
Vision: Bring great innovations to life Mission: Integrate with the world, to inspire your future Value: Embrace what's next

LED Panel Light 48W Back-lit

Wattage: 48W
CCT: 3000K/4000K/6500K
Beam Angle: 120°

LED Panel Light 36W Side-lit

Wattage: 36W
CCT: 4000K
Beam angle: 120°

LED Panel Light 40W Side-lit

Wattage: 40W
CCT: 4000K&6500K
Beam angle: 110°

LED Panel Light 40W Back-Lit

Wattage: 40W
CCT: 3000K; 4000K; 6500K
PF: 0.9
Lumen: 4000lm

LED Panel Light 40W Back-lit

Wattage: 40W
PF: 0.9
Lumen: 3200lm